Professor Pizza



I'm Greg Walsh. I am a professor in interaction design and I really like pizza. One strange ability I have is to estimate the amount the pizza people need for a party or gathering so there is minimal left over. On the encouragement of my wife, I started Professor Pizza as a way to monetize this skill pay off student loans.


Here are my plans for the site:

  1. MVP (done)
  2. Monetize (start with & ads)
  3. More specific ordering info (gender/age/gathering type)
  4. Better graphic design
  5. Youtube videos about the science of pizza (how crust rises, why is sauce tangy...I'm an actual professor at the University of Baltimore) that tie back to the pizza tool.
  6. Save orders and share with friends.
  7. Order feedback
  8. Even more specific ordering (cultural \& dietary restrictions)


Privacy on the Internet is really important to me. I'm using Google AdSense to monetize the tool. I tried some other things first, but, nothing worked. My goal is to eventually make this part of a partner's food ordering system.

Tracking: As of now, I don't use cookies to track you across sites but the Ad tools might.

Data Storage: As a designer, I like to use data. I capture IP addresses so I know where users are coming from. I also capture data related to the amount of and kinds of people users are trying to determine pizza amounts for. It helps me make better predictions if I know what people are specifically looking for.

Since you're here: Support the Professor ($1)


No, there are no warranties...this is a tool to help you make better decisions and doesn't make the decisions for you. I'm not responsible if you have too much or too little pizza for your party. Did you ask people if they wanted pizza? Did you ignore me and buy lots of veggie pizzas? Seriously, you can't eat more than one veggie pizza fast enough before they start to breakdown and weep all over the place.


You can contact me, Greg, at greg [at] gregwalsh [dot] com. Please let me know how it worked!